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Worcester Bears Basketball Club History

The Worcester Bears Basketball Club was officially formed on 5th October 2012

When we first started in October 2012 there were about a dozen U12 kids from St. Joseph’s primary school who loved playing basketball. The club was formed after the popular after school club was not going to continue for another year due to the school being disappointed with the supplied coaches being late or not turning up.

Enrique and I formed the club while waiting for the kids to come out of school one Friday afternoon. We organised the essential things like a business bank account, hall hire and who would be chairman/secretary/treasurer to satisfy the banking forms.

We hired the hall at Blessed Edward’s and relied on voluntary student coaches from the University. Coaching As with most University students one day they did not arrive to coach and one of the parents said he was a basketball coach and offered to coach the session. Although we did not know him and we didn’t know much about basketball what we could see was that he knew basketball and he was a good coach. What we didn’t know was just how good he was. In January 2013 that parent, Rick Solvason, became head coach and the biggest influence in the direction of the club.

Bill Walker (Chairman 2012-2014)

With the introduction of National League junior teams and the amalgamation of Orillo senior team, the club went from Strength to Strength in 2014.

Our Under 14s performing strongly for the first couple of seasons. As the junior players got older we introduced our first Under 16s team into national league.

A number of our junior players over this timeframe were seleeted into Regional Performance Centres and then made it onto regional teams to represent the West Midlands in the regional tournaments.

The club continues to make progress each year, increasing player participation, training new coaches and officials.

Anthony Duggan (Club Manager 2014-2017)